XL Kirupa @ 8 Bit

I was a LAN at the weekend at my friend’s house. we played some games, shared files, watch south park etc etc. Was a good weekend :slight_smile:

When i get home, i set my computer back up the next day and when i boot, the BIOS stuff is all shown etc etc, windows xp loading screen and then the thing that i’m most afraid of - my monitor went on standby !! this might not mean a lot to you, but it’s the second time it’s happened to me and the first time was a nightmare. The last time it happened, the video RAM of my GeFore 4 Ti 4600 had failed :frowning: and it was a pain in the *** trying to get a new card from my warranty.

eventually, after like 3 months or something, i got an angry man to get them to send me the GeForce FX 5800 (leet). now - it’s gone and done the ****ing same !! i’m pretty certain it’s the video RAM on this card too. Exactly the same symptoms and my computer stills works using the integrated graphics card, which is my expalanation for the title. i’ve had to use the integrated graphics card before but i think the old drivers were on my old HDD that is no longer alive, so i’m now unable to change resolution from 800x600 and the colour from 8 Bit.

Here’s a rough description of what i see:
The textbox that im typing into atm is taking up almost all of the screen, the box surrounding it has just changed from magenta to yellow (not a clue why :puzzle:) and the flashing windows of messenger are strange enough to make me slightly naucious.

I think it’s fair to say the next graphics card i buy will be an ATI.