Xml calendar compnent needs tweak

Hi all,

I have this xml calendar component I downloaded form flash components. It works great but I would like to change two things and can’t figure out how/where.

  1. It displays the first event/menu item from the xml file into the current date.

  2. If you click on a date that doesn’t have an associated event it doesn’t clear the text box.

Whatever was last in there stays in there. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

The component is on frame 4 of the calendar fla on the left hand side. The xml load AS is on the first frame.

Thanks for any help!

The calendar fla is completely empty, but the main file still shows the component ?

*It was still showing because you included your swf that had the component. Please attach the correct calendar.fla :wink:

Actually I had the wrong xml file :ne: heh heh . . . heh heh . . . yeah.

Um . . . anyway, I just uploaded the correct version. I even managed to fix the problem of the display on the current day (whoo hoo!) which was #1 on my first post. Still can’t find where to fix #2 though.

Any ideas? :beam:

Thanks! :love:

Okay - rezipped and shipped. I still can’t figure out where/how to change the code so that no text will appear if the user clicks a box not hightlighted.

If someone could help me out it would be awesome!