XML Guestbook with PHP

I have uploded the files, but i am not sure how to make it work.

I have read thru this http://www.kirupa.com/web/xml_guestbook2.htm
without of luck, i am new in this flash, can someone help here, am i doing something wrong ??

You’ve uploaded the FLA but not the HTML and SWF files, so first publish your movie and upload those.
Then make sure that the permissions on the XML file are sety properly so it can be written to.

Hope that helps.


I have publish this now, but when i write in the book, it wont show.

The permission on the XML file is CHMOD 777
Has i forgot something?

If you look at the third page of the tut you’ll see that the XML file you start with should look like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

yours seems to be totally empty.

now it work fine, just one thing, does everyone who write the book have to refresh to see the message, does it not autorefresh or…


if you click on “Add a message” you should see your message directly without having to refresh the page.

it dont do that, i have to refresh the page to see the message,

test it

I see.
you didn’t by any chance make any changes to the AS or PHP?

I uploaded the orginal php file

$file = fopen(“guestbook.xml”, “w+”) or die(“Can’t open XML file”);
$xmlString = $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA;
if(!fwrite($file, $xmlString)){
print “Error writing to XML-file”;
print $xmlString."

seems to be working now

thx for this great script

no problem :slight_smile: