Xml help


This is my first xml lesson trying to make one Map (though in the attached fla you find something different.)

What I am trying is to make one MAP with ten different Regions and when the user RollOver any of the Region an image of the location alongwith text will displayed.
I made one empty movie clip Instance name “imageLoader” and one dynamic text field with instance name “desc_txt”.

There are three movie clips just to describe the work. One image folder with THREE image inside it and one xml file for your look. When the user RollOver the first movie clip a image loaded in the empty movie clip. But I do not know how to load the description in the dynamic text field. One more thing I have ten Regions and to load ten pictures and ten description on RollOver of the respective Regions. How can I code the AS to load these WITH LESSER AMOUNT OF CODING?

Please help me.