XML Image Slowdown... Please help

I was wondering if anyone could help me…

I’m creating a banner that has a rotating image consisting of 18 Jpegs, and a gallery of thumbnails that when clicked on display their larger counterparts.

All images are dynamically loaded into the swf via an XML file. Each image (all 18 rotation images, as well as all thumbnails and their larger counterparts) get loaded into a unique empty movie clip just sitting on the stage.

To show one frame after the other in the image rotation, I’m setting the current container MC’s alpha to 0, and the next sequential one to 100… (using _visible doesn’t seem to work). I’m using the same technique for the thumbnail gallery… The large images turn transparent as the next image becomes opaque.

However, because all the movie clips exist with their content on the stage at varying levels of opacity (0 and 100), there is SIGNIFICANT slowdown.

Can someone please help me by possibly suggesting a solution to the problem within my current execution’s logic, or by proposing a new more efficient logic altogether?

I assume it’s possible to load many images dynamically without slowdown… I would love to know how though! Thanks!

  • Kaveh