XML Quiz Array Answers with different Values. Help

I have this project where I have a quiz template that I am using
(as2) and I have everything exactly the way I want it
that I need for the individual questions to hold a different value from one another.

for example
Question 1 = 10 points
Question 2 = 20 points

so on and so forth

right now I have it so they are an equal percentage of the total
(ie 10 questions all are worth 10 points)
and I need to change that

unfortunately I am still teaching myself AS but even more unfortunate for me
is that I am learning AS3 and this template is AS2
I also have not done much in this vein I have been concentrating more on
UI kind of stuff and less on the math side
so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it,.
also it makes no difference to me if this is done in AS or XML
this file will not be continually updated so it can be a one time deal

(I have attached the work files)