ya3|thepower v4.5 [new version]

Hey everyone,

In light of the recent “OMG YOU ARE A RIPPER” accusations, I’ve made some pretty substantial changes to the interface of my site. Also updated my portfolio to include some of my latest works.

It is now 100% me :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you like it :smiley:

I beg to differe mate. I dont think its a 100% YOU. You still got the water loader! But I’ll give you credits for changing most of the content. You should also consider streaming the initial sound track.

I hope you’ve learnt your lesson mate, and if you still have some more rips in there, I suggest you change it cos some next kirupan WILL catch you sooner or later :wink:

Still good job on the site :slight_smile:

I really like the portfolio since I saw the 350z. Transitions are good but the dark interfae is a bit off for me. Yes, consider streaming the sound track when the site has loaded. Some rollovers wouldnt hurt as well as changing the preloader.

Overall its good.

“The Sound” takes too long to load, and I swear to god I saw it goto 105%.

110% there

edit: 250% now after reloading the site…

As for comments crits - you’re way too pretentious dude… put your foot down… “unmatched creative power”. I can find dozens if not hundreds of sites that surpass yours…
Your music is good though !