Yay, class project finally done

If you didn’t know, I’m currently learning flash at school. Our final project is due on thursday of this week but because of the matrix movie coming out, I figure I should finish mine early. So here it is ladies and gents, lemonizer.com with its new fresh look. This is my first time making a site using flash, wouldn’t be possible without all the information in Kirupa and all the nice people in the forums. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Tell me what you think and if there’s anything I should change before Thursday, I’m planning on adding sound effects tomorrow.

…/image isn’t working yet, I might just take it out completely. Yay, excited.

things that bug me:

  1. The whole first loading scene takes forever.
  2. Left side looks way too cluttered
  3. more colors?
  4. contact page looks kinda bleh =/

anyone? :frowning:

OK… I’ll have a go at this. :slight_smile:

The fact that you tell people how big the sound file is, but only on rollover. Plus you don’t force it on them at the start.
The cell shapes.

How long the loading sequence is.
The lack of color.
It looks to broken up. Some kind of graphic element to tie the different sections together would be nice.

Hope that helps. I could offer more specific info if you’d like.

the cell shapes are nice, tho at first i was wondering how the hell to navigate. the load sequence is **** long. Try adding some more color tho.

p.s. i like the flower in the nav box… hah

thanks guys, I might work on the loading sequence tonight. It’s starting to tick me off waiting so long for the whole thing to be ready for navigation.

Hi Lemonizer :slight_smile:

Very good =), but you might wanna make the opening of the pages last less long. The flower is very good indeed :slight_smile: The line art in the machine section is very good, I’ve made somethin’ similar with my stereo :beam:

Well, I’ve got nothin’ more to say except that you’ve done a very good job :slight_smile: Good work !

Good site…don’t like the long first loading sequence. And on your portfolio how it scolls like crazy when I’m trying to select a link. Kinda gives me a head rush

So today was the day where we all got to view each other’s final project and look what I got:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: