Yay! i got my own image host server up

ya. i thot about this for a while and now i made it possble.
best thing is i offer unlimted file size for images:)
kinda beta but work with me here i did this in a cuple hours. (codeing)

http://mycrohsoft.com/ :s:

good job, but I like my own server :P, but perhaps depending on speed I might use it occasionally

but ya know, with apache on my own computer… I don’t think I’m exactly the target audience

so you can upload naked women, but not men?

well hmm. let me fix that its way beta lol.

edit: fixed the links info. and 2. no naked people at all!

can some one help me make a professional none allowed info:)

how much space you got on there? I’d be scared that if it got popular you’d run out very quickly

a cuple gigs. and unlimted bandwith


only a couple gigs?!?!?!?! I think you’re gonna need more than that if you expect this to grow to the point where microsoft will see you :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice of you, but I don’t think you’ll own that domain name very long.

bookmarked :slight_smile:

yeah… Evil Microsoft will come after you.

Hey what happens when someone with the same filename uploads his pic ?


It tells you “File Already Exists”

too bad, i was going to upload a bad picture inplace of poochie.jpg…haha

I tried…

Hey idiok that’s something cool you did. Could you php it so once it’s uploaded it redirects you to: http://red.a.la:8600/ximages/public/yourimage.ext ?

Hum btw do you have a way to tell how much bandwidth you’ve used ?

dont have a bandwith metater. and on top of that i dont know how to what image you uploaded in php yet. if some wants me to give them the code to edit it and switch what needs to be switched so it could say the name:) i whould be more then happy!

comeing soon.

instead of red.a.la

it well be 2nesario.us i am setting the dns to day:)

so all images. well be http://red.a.la:8600/ximages/public/ & http://2nesario.us:8600/ximages/public/

I’m currently uploading a 14GB image.
it might take some days, but I’ll tell you when I’m done :stuck_out_tongue:

eeep dont do that!!! lol. i said dont go crazy.

this one guy named Mike Row made a software company named Mikerowsoft. Microsoft payed him $10,000 to change his name. Aint that just cool?