Yo Wassup...... I need help with

Hey wassup, I read ur tutorial about how to make flash movies transparent but theres one thing that I don’t understand. How do you make the movie go over the html page??

Like on those sites when you go in and the big movies pop up. Or like on the tripod site site where the large ad pops up??

How do ya do dat??

O can you send me an affiliate button so I can put it on my sites.

I believe they use a combo of DHTML and layers. Because a Layer can have a transparent bkg, and thats how i think. I havent played with it, but sure theres someone out there who has =)

Thanks man, I’ll try it out

YEAH its all in the layers it werks great thanks man, ya saved me many hard days of werk

Not a problem, =) Im glad i helped =)