You interested in a Battle VS another forum?


What u say?

Alesys is a community where the very best of mexico hang out (designers, programmers, etc…)

i was thinking of a photoshop battle, we can discuss the Topic of the battle, can be Volley or something u guys are interested…

We recently have a battle against Ultrashock of 3 Rounds (but it was a very long battle so it suddenly ended).
here is the Thread for it.

What u guys think?

Let’s roll!, can be Flame war or none,
i think of 1 round only with the teams of 9-8 people, so it wont be very long.
What say you?


Well… almost all the people are coming back from the OFFF’04 event…

The board is almost set…

the bbforum vs. kirupaforum is underway - our heavy weights are busy doing that.
This is a good idea that you have, but timing isn’t working out so far.

Kirupaforum Battle Coordinator

oh. o well… it will need to wait a lil more then :slight_smile:

no problem :smiley: