Your opinion on each site

Well, I have to sites I made, 2nd one just a prototy. But I think looks alot better than 1st one. Yet someone already told me the first one looks better, and I am completle baffled why!?. Please select which site looks better and why…

Site #1

Site #2
(on top Nav menu, only ‘about’ roll over works for now)

drool stupid look I like flash

i like the second one. it looks much smoother, but do you have a choice of making it a flash or html site? if so, go with the flash one, there both good, but #2 is the best.

Yeah, they’re both good, it took me quite a while to choose. I voted 2.

russian my dear friend theyre both great but i have some suggestion on how to make #2 specially better and more attractive

  1. use the images that you used on the buttons from html site on the flash version

  2. fix your buttons your hit area is just the text, if your using a mc as a button jsut make a square of any color and set its transparency to 0% over the whole section you want to be a button (if you need help let me know ;))

3 and finally use more images it has to much text use a bit more imagery and it will be perfect great job btw buddy great improvement since i last saw it keept it up :thumb:

I like second one better, its just more attractive, but i do like the big image of a group of people on first one, its more welcoming!


Thats for all the feedback, esspecialy grimdeath!

who me? :blush: :thumb: