Your SP2 opinion!

I’ve been having alot of trouble with my pc lately and it’s really driving me mad. Random stop errors (I hate that blue screen), crashes, restarts… This all started about a month ago. I thought virus, so i scanned, then formated. Same problem!

I started looking for Hardware problems. Got a new hard drive and memory. Installed and all seemed good. Problem solved.

Until I downloaded SP2 again :puzzle:

Now I get the same symptoms that started the initial problem. Symptoms like application hangs, errors with the flash.ocx, iExplorer keeps crashing on some flash sites and need to restart to get it working again (im using firfox now cos of this), other applications hanging like media player…etc

From the Event Viewer, I got somany errors at different intervals, Example:

Source: Application Hang
Event ID: 1000
Type: Error
Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 6.0.2900.2180, faulting module flash.ocx, version, fault address 0x000245e9.

Many users have similar problems and none seem to have a solution. Just do a search. Some think that IE SP2 has a flaw and attackers can bypass it and whatever. Some just say repair/reinstall windows. Or goto start -> Run, type ‘sfc /scannow’ and check for missing/corrupt windows protected files. The story goes on and on but nothing works. I’ve also heard that SP2 adds alot of unnecessary components to your PC…etc :snooze:

At the end of all this boring stuff my point is: Is SP2 worth it???

And ofcourse does anyone know what the hell is going on with my pc cos I feel like I’m :jail: cos microsoft are taking the ******* piss!