like we all dint not know that!


my site
[SIZE=3]LET ME KNOW WHAT U GUYS THINK[/SIZE]:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

what do u think , could improve my web site…?

I like the sattelite loady thing, but it looks slightly tacky… i think making it a little smaller would perfect it. Also, there is too much info on the loading page. Bytes loaded, left to load, etc… its just my opinion, but it is just unneeded and spoils the look of a nice clean page.

Next, i like the spinny welcome thing and the overall look of the page, but i still have no idea what your site is about… business/portfolio/whatever.

the ‘creative goals’ font… i dont like. Too skimpy, frail, weak. same with the back button. The font works fine with the text, but i like a bolder title/button. I like the wireframe transition. very shiny.

just noticed its aligned to the left… no biggie, but i like things centered. Why not bung it in to a chromeless window? Tutorial on this site.

All of this is just my opinion, so if you really like something, just stick with it!

Thank you for the input.
yah if u got a 56K modem my site will Take for ever to Download… :-\ but anyways
i might make some change to it later on…
for now i am
Working on another site,…

Wish me luck!