10k or 15k RPM drives... Worth it?

Just wondering if it’s really worth spending the extra money. I’m thinking to just get the smallest possible SATA 10000rpm or 15000rpm drive (36gb?) to use as a boot drive only (and for running programs). I’d have a nice 250-300gb 7200rpm SATA drive for storage.


I’m only interested if I’m guaranteed to see a definite performance boost, otherwise I can buy a huge 7200rpm drive for the same price. Would Windows boot/run faster? How about programs?

Sorry if I’m wrong but I thought Sata drives only went up to 10,000 rpm? And you need a FC or SCSI drive for 15,000?

15,000 RPM! Whoa! Never seen any of those, that’s fast. I would go with the 36GB WD Raptor.

But at that price, you can easily get a 300GB WD SATA. But the speed will probably help your boot times, although ram will help that as well. I would say, spend money on ram, and go with the 300GB SATA… if you use space a lot. :2c:

Alrighty. 2GB RAM and 0.5TB storage :wink:

i would say speed, but thats just me.

But i do web stuff and don’t need alot of space. mainly programming so alot of space isn’t needed.

I use two 15,000 rpm 18g seagate enterprise drives on an ultra 320 controller for my boot volume. It definatly will rock your socks off but im not sure you will see the speed increase with SATA

Wouldn’t those 15,000 RPM drives be quite noisy as well?

Oh, and unless it’s an awesome deal, you might want to go with 2-250 gb hdd’s instead of a massive 500 gb one. I’ve never trusted huge hard drives…they seem to go out at a lot faster/higher rate than smaller ones.


I have a watercooled setup in my PC so the only real noise i have is those drives, it’s about the same db as a fancooled machine. I have a friend with an external SCSI breakout box for video on his desk, when he fires that thing up it sounds like a spaceship taking off.

I have a 10000rpm and you can notice the difference pretty easily when your at a lan. so i cant imagine how fast stuff loads on a 15000rpm HD. (although yea storage is really annoying only 74gig).

You will notice it pretty easily to answer your question.

[whisper]Wouldnt it be great if they had small really fast storage units just for the OS… o’ well vista’s not far off[/whisper]

Depends on for what. If you’re editing a high definition movie and have your project and program on the 15,000RPM drive then yeah, it’s worth it. Otherwise… Eh, I’m not so sure.

^^ totally agree…if its for windows then yes the speed increase will be there whether its that bigger increase only time will tell.

I know you aint stupid but if you don’t have a fast processor(2 levels cache, fast bus), lots of ram (u have 2GB thats fine), good motherboard then you probably won’t get all the rewards of a 15,000 rpm device.

I’d have to say are you guaranteed to see a performance increase? likely but it may not be an increase you are expecting…could be minimal could be big.

Even a slow system will see an increase of speed with a faster drive. The HD is by far the largest bottleneck in any given computer, it’s still the slowest part of the computer.

^It definatly is. They really need to upgrade it to something a tad more advanced… HD’s can only go so fast and they run with parts that can burn out.

(You can burn out a HD if you leave it running too long… downloading forexample for 5 days strait will overheat it lol. Did it with my 10k).

Well, this’d be for my new rig, so I’d prolly have an Athlon X2 3800+, 2gb RAM and some fancy mobo.

The noise is another thing to consider, since I’m buying quiet fans for everything.


…get foam for the vents facing you thats what I did helps a little.

And from what I’ve read on the 15k’s most run pretty quiet. But ya3 still go with a 10rpm because all the cheap 15k’s are SCSI(harder i guess to install).
[ot]I’m looking for a HD so i’ve been looking around a little also… just a 400gig one for right now that 74gigs isnt enough for gaming.[/ot]

Yeah… SCSI seems really expensive. AU$280 for 36gb 15k rpm + AU$160 for a U320 controller.

SATA 10k seems good… I’m thinking 36gb 10000rpm + 250gb 7200rpm.

Sounds good.

[ot]I usually hate best buy but it such a good deal.

[ot]yeah… I can get those kind of prices from the local PC shop :wink:
I’m in Australia, btw[/ot]

I got two 72gb-10000rpm disks setup in raid. That is already pretty fast to me. If you want to use even faster disks, i would recommend you to do the same as i did : i’ve put my disks in special brackets that cool the disks, shows the temp of the disks and also is very good to reduce hd noise and vibrations.

Not very cheap solution or space saving, but very nice silent, and cool.

/edit : typo

Now I’m actually looking into Fibre Channel storage. Not for my PC, but for my SGI Octane video editing workstation.

For good prices on FC gear, go here:

$20 for an 18gb 10000rpm Seagate Cheetah Fibre Channel drive :slight_smile: