12"/14" iBook G4

I’m heavily considering this as my next computer.

The thing’s I need to use the computer for are:

]Web Design
[*]Graphical Design

I’m just wondering if it’s worth buying, I’m tired of using XP with all of it’s messed up stuff.

Should I or not?

Hey sunny,
I havent had any problems with my powerbook, (Last of the 1ghz titaniums) very rarely crashes, Microsoft office sometimes crashes (lmao) but if anything does crash on a mac it never freezes or ****s up other apps in the background.
oh yeah the ibooks and powerbooks have recently been updated, faster than ever now. remember the processor speeds mean nothing. My 1ghz runs everything faster and more efficiently than any pc ive used. Flash does tend to run a bit faster on a good pc, but thats it.
DDD said that his xp machines work fine IF you look after them, sod looking after a computer, with a mac you can just delete apps no uninstalling sh|t. and DDD saying you have to be a computer pro or something to work a Mac is crap. Mac are much easier to use. And DDD i do use both PCs and Macs, my first pc was a 286 and ive used every single windows OS since V3.1, ive been using macs since the crappy beige towers running OS7 or older.
And Macs are now (with OSX) much better than PC’s! unless you a gamer of course LOL

Get a MAC you’ll never look back!