15 year old needing help with randomising

I want to make an animation with some little graphics floatinmg around on it…how can I set it so that the graphic I have drawn floats around the movie and bounces off the sides (if this is possible…)

also, while i’m here, how do I make a gradient that goes (in a circle) to another colour in the centre, sort of gets darker towards the center of the circle?



Disappearing boy,
I don’t know about the floaters, but I know it’s possible. Someone will help you with that later, I’m sure. But the gradient in a circle thing is simple. You want it to change colors and not abruptly…One keyframe with your first circle with the gradient color inisde. Choose 5 frame, or how ever many you desire and press F6. Now replace the second color in the second keyframe with the one you desire. Go back to the first frame with the first color and higlight it. then in your Frame command boz, lower right hand corner/Flash 5, choose Shape tween. Thats all there is to it. Hope this helped.

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Thanks for the gradient help, I’ll try it now…I’m searching for tutorials now on how to do the random movement stuff…

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i also need help with that flash file above but I can’t be bothered to write it again…I wrote it all out on flashkit.com and got no response so I might copy-paste it here to see if anyone can help with that too…


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Dang it all!!!

Okay lets try this again
Open the fill panel and select the radial gradient option on the pull down menu. next click a bucket and select a color from the color box to the right of the bar. if you want a triple color gradient then click below anywhere below the gradient bar and a new bucket will appear. then if you want to save this gradient, just click on the button with the floppy disk.

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What kind of random motion do you want ??? Random target ? Speed ? Rotation ? Bounce ?
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one that bounces the graphic around the screen

OK, here’s what you have to do :
Put a movie clip (the one you’ll want to make bounce off the wall) on your scene. Open the object Actions panel, and put this code :

onClipEvent (load) {
velx = 5 ;
vely = 3 ;
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
_x += velx ;
_y += vely ;
if (_x>200-_width/2) velx *= -1 ;
if (_x<_width/2) velx *= -1 ;
if (_y>200-_height/2) vely *= -1 ;
if (_y<_height/2) vely *= -1 ;

The load thing is your speed. Change that data if you want to clip to go slow or fast.
In the if loop, 200 is the height and the width of the scene. If yours is 550 * 400, just replace them.

Hope you’ll get it to work.
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