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Ok, let’s say something clever for a change : l’information, c’est vous qui la vivez, c’est nous qui en vivons.

FlashMXly yours

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Does that mean something like… information, it is you who live it, it is we who live about it… I am sorry it’s just that I am rather rubbish at french but I am trying to learn so this is me trying to sharpen my skills.

Et bien le bonjour de Groland!

(do not try to translate this, it’s France-specific…)

I thought this forum was about Flash MX? Well, what can you say 'bout s’thing not yet available…?

It’s probebly a phrase which makes more sense to the french than it does to Americans. Think of it more as a statement than a peice of information, and it should become more clear to you.

Eyez… At least, I know there’s one person who will always understand me…
And what it meant is not so important (your translation was correct. More or less.)

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Hey ilyaslamasse,
Please dont spam!

funny. - although i don’t understand it. :slight_smile:

people bringing up old posts all of a sudden. You’re all driving me nuts.

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