2 Monitors

Woha, it really roxx. Especially when you develop pages. I got 2 19’ and it is so much fun. Chatting and surfing on one monitor and flashing or photoshopping in the other one. A dream became true ;p But just for one week…

awww too bad only for one week

You need to get yourself one at home…

I’ve got a regular sized 21" and a 19" flatscreen hooked up to my computer :wink:

playamarz ~ :player:

hm, wait. That is kind of a problem. Because of the screen resolutions…

And the second problem is, who tf can effort a 19’ flatscreen ?!>

lmao… Me I guess… I got it as a x-mas present. :beam:

Actually I bought it when I settled a deal and made a small bank account handler in C++ for a local company… They gave me $3000 in cash for it… Sweet deal right there…

playamarz :player:

wow, nice

Yeah wish I could land a sweet deal like that again… I could use the cash now lmao… Truck broke down… Stupid brakes… Who needs em anyways… :beam:

playamarz :player:

in photoshop put tools on one monitor and full screen PS in the other :beam:

right! That’s what I’m doing ;p

what card are you running the monts off of??

Radeon 7500

I think you get it for 80$

ahhhh… when you ahve the resources check out Matrox

What is it with Americans and trucks? :sigh:

And just how do you go about getting freelance work like that? I’ve never really tried, I have to admit, always stuck to my 9 to 5, but I’m considering freelancing in addition to this job… :slight_smile:

hehe, you got nothing to do, right ?!? ;p

No, I just want to become filty rich and sleep on a mattress stuffed with money. :slight_smile:

ok, that is also nice ;p

trucks are just a common mode of transportation for the cornFed~hamHead crowd …;)…

…goodGoals Kit :!: …

[size=1]Oh…BTW - this is the thread about 2Monitors … not 2advanced & careers and such :!:[/size]

If you had two monitors, wouldn’t you need to have an extra pair of hands as well? Otherwise it’s no different to just changing windows / tasks on a single monitor…

two 17"'s == one 35" … or there abouts … just nice to have more screen space

hm, right, but it is easier to for example see what you did very fast.
The best example for working with 2 monitors is, Photoshop.
You got your Menu stuff on the right monitor and your working area on the left. And you got so much space. Anyhow. You don’t want to miss it ;p