.::..::.Flash 5.::..::

i still use flash 5!
mx takes up way to much desktop space, i got them both and use them both but i probably use flash 5 more.

if you work on 2 monitors like i do it’s no problem.

is that possible with windowe 98 and a GeForce 2 vidcard…what else do i need?

you need a dual head card if you’re only using one card. otherwise you’ll need a second card for output.
i have 2 cards, 2 monitors and windows 2000.
i’m pretty sure that windows 98 also supports 2 monitors, just plug it in and restart your computer. then right-click on your desktop and go to properties. under the settings tab there should be a little graphical representation of 2 monitors. click on the one that says ‘2’ and check the box that says ‘Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor’. you may have to restart, i can’t remember if i had to or not…anyways it works and it’s like you have 2 desktops. you can even drag the windows task bar into the second monitor for more workspace on your primary monitor.

Or get a bunch of computers and monitors, network them all together and there you have it.

Yes I am a dork… =)


if I had the money to get a bunch of computers and monitors and network them all together, I would fix my car, and have that running in top shape! :slight_smile: