2004 Democratic Party

I was watching “Road to the White House” on C-SPAN last night and was pleased with a few of the candidates. I dont know much about most of them, except what they addressed in their speech. Who do you think is the best Democratic candidate to be chosen for the primary’s?

P.S. Please state your arguement as well, so we can all learn something we might not have known about a certain candidate.

Don’t know much about candidates? <a href=“http://dir.yahoo.com/Government/U_S__Government/Politics/Elections/Presidential_Elections/2004_Presidential_Election/Candidates/Democratic_Candidates/”>Learn More!</a>

Sorry. I consider myself a democrat (sort of) but what the hell were they thinking!? Were these the only canidates they could find? Its a bunch of morons!

Sharpton and Braun are wasting their time, IMO. I would love nothing more than to see a black, woman, or minority president, but it is not going to happen. Not for a long time.

I really think they should have tried to find some more qualified individuals…

Like I said, I don’t know much about the candidates, but Howard Dean’s bit on health care over tax cuts is good enough for me, since im not rich and would be benifiting from the tax cuts anywho. He also knows how to bring down Bush, and that is what we need. Also he looks more like a president in my opinion then anyone up there, which is sadly one of the main criteria in being able to win the office.

yeah, they have to have that presidential look, and sadly I don’t think any of them have it.

and don’t hold your breath on that health care tax cut. Just because they promise it doesn’t mean its going to happy. I think that the next president will be another Coolidge.

I agree Jubba, most of the candidates up there have no chance (Sharpton Braun, etc…), but I had to include all of them so people wouldnt take me for favoring a select few. Peace out.

I’m willing to take anyone’s word on health care when the alternative is Georgie.

I agree with Jubba regarding some of the choices. I don’t think anybody would be able to win against George Bush from what I have seen about these candidates, but Kerry, Lieberman, and Dean have a good shot.

Kerry is an army veteran, and he is also quite an experienced Senator. Making a brief cameo in Cheers a long time ago doesn’t hurt either :slight_smile: He is quite aligned to the left, but that will appeal to the left-leaning voters during the early Democratic nominations.

Lieberman has the name recognition going for him. He is fairly moderate, and that would appeal to the majority of the people. He was very much for the current ME peace process, and the temporarily cooldown in tensions between Israelis and Palestinians would play in his favor as well as George Bush.

Sharpton - not a chance. He is a charismatic individual, and if he chooses to run as a 3rd party candidate after his defeat in the primaries, he will successfully siphon of Democratic votes for himself.

Howard Dean - has some sound policies, but his sound policies are on topics that would bore most people. He may very well be a good contender. He strongly believes in his views, and this is commendable. His policies sound good when spoken, but he can’t have his way with healthcare, lower taxes, and try to have a balanced budget. It won’t work the way he is envisioning.

John Edwards - nope; why would they vote for him when more experienced Senators such as Kerry and Lieberman are in the mix. This is a Presidential election after all.

Fern Penna - never heard of him, and I don’t really feel like reading about him.

Richard Gephardt - not charismatic enough; just another Democrat who lost his leadership role in Congress.

Bob Graham - there needs to be some better argument than “Bush is bad.” I don’t see him sticking around till the primaries.

Dennis J. Kucinich - never heard of him.

Lyndon LaRouche - never heard of him either.

Carol Moseley Braun - not popular enough among the moderates to get a lot of support.

Mickey Mouse - definitely; it would help bring diversity to the White House =)

I am not a political strategist, and these are just my opinions based on what I have heard from hearint MSNBC or Fox News all day in the background. Sharpton may win…who knows :wink:

Kirupa :alien:

yeah, I never heard of alot of 'em either… but lets not forget…
GW Bush was “sold” to us pretty quick too…



GW Bush was “sold” to us pretty quick too…

I knew who GW was well before the presidential race, mostly because of his constant denial of death penalty appeals (not that I disagree with him there).

Just asking nicely, but could you remove the Mickey Mouse option from my poll? Thanks :thumb:

lol… mickey got my vote!