2004 Election

Hey guys,

I understand that we have some international users but you may contribute. Anyway I this November will be the first election where i can vote and just wanted to hear about the different candidates and what you thought. What they stand for, what they want to change, etc… I’m not sure if this is possible, hopefully we can refrain from flame wars and the like. Anyway thanks for everyone opinion.


Contrary to popular belief, there is more than just two choices… but my money is on the Bonesman :wink:

Bush all the way one of the best presidents we have had.

Bush - Conservative platform.
Kerry- Liberal platform.
Others - Other platform :stuck_out_tongue:

They both follow their party’s views, so if you are conservative, you’ll lean towards B, if you are liberal, you’ll tend to lean towards K. They both support the war in Iraq, so there is a large gray area of supporters in the middle…well 8%…who could go either way :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards Bush. He seems to be more consistent with his views than Kerry. They both support the war in Iraq (again), so for me, either one will serve my interests and views well.

Yeah, along with Franklin Pierce, Calvin Coolidge, and Dewey… you get the point

Anyway I think this choice is horrible this election. A lesser of two evils.
between Incopetent Bush and demagog Kerry.

However, I think Bush being complelty inept at being president does not allow him to have a 2nd term. Kerry at worst will be on his first term.

here is a little exerpt from a book i just read. “the people version of the history of the united states”

“They teach us that the supreme act of citizenship is to choose among saviors, by going into a voting booth every four years to choose between two white and well-off Anglo-Saxon males of inoffensive personality and orthodox opinions.”

but eh, i would vote bush

Kerry is an arse. But Bush is Kerry’s hole.
I’d vote Kerry if I could.

“the peoples version of the history of the united states”

is that the book by Howard Zinn?? I was going to get the audio CD version, but i wanted to learn more about the author…

[size=1]BTW, i hate to spoil the suprise, but Kerry will win the 2004 Election (barring another unforseen event), based on a simple methodology that has successfully predicted the winner of every American Presidency since the first… Put simply, the Candidate with the most Royal Blood, wins the American Presidency every time, and Kerry is more of a Blue-Blood than Bush. Do not mistake this as change, though, as its more like a Regime Rotation.[/size]


[ot]Blood…ketchup…same thing :stuck_out_tongue:[/ot]

If you want to see something funny about Kerry and Bush check out this animation from the site Jib Jab http://www.kdwb.com/MorningShow/Video/this_land_mov.swf

Even though Kerry is a liar, which he is, and a demagog, I am too terrified to vote for Bush, alot of due to his incompetance as president, but I still beleive Bush will win.

This was being shown (repeatedly) on my Lufthansa flight from Munich to Boston last month. :thumb:

p.s. It’s also been posted on the forums many times :wink:

p.p.s. bush is a weiner. this doesn’t mean kerry ISN’T a moron.

Bush has an amazing ability to mislead without lying. He was able to convince us into a war on the mere suggestion of a threat without technically saying Iraq had WMDs or a direct connection to 9/11. The public was made to believe these things tangentially. More impressively, the American people barely even reacted when told all the reasons for going to war were false. 700 soldiers dead for no publicly stated reason, and we don’t even care. He makes Slick Willy look like an awkward bumbler.

Bush isn’t an idiot, he just plays one in DC.

Make no mistake: Bush is a smart man. A lot of people are disarmed by his simple downhome act…maybe that’s what scares me the most about him. He knows how to play this country.

I, for one, do not like being played.

Newsweek wrote a really nice series of articles about the Pres., and they are a really good read if you are into that. I think Karl Rove definitely should get some credit for the Pres. success in trying to seem moderate while governing from the righter (yes! made up word #58) side of the Republican wing.

The SwiftVote ads are seriously damaging Kerry. He had about 70% of the veteran vote prior to those ads, but now his support among veterans seems to be drifting at around 49%. His campaign later coming out and saying that Kerry was not in Cambodia like he claimed, really did sting him a bit.

In my view, Kerry needs to be more aggressive in refuting what he thinks is wrong. If he believes that the SV ads are misleading, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Dean-like scream denouncing those ads. He seems too much of a pacifist for a Boston person :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: The This Land animation came on almost all of the late-night comedy shows last week :slight_smile:

I was watching the convention from NY last night and I realised they have prayer meetings, discuss how god is with them, in fact in a ten minute segment about the president and the republican convention I heard god said more times than Bush or Kerry.

I don’t think it’s right to use religion like this. They’re kind of saying…hey, if your christain, vote Bush. Makes me wonder what other religions in the states think :h:

No…Dubya really is a dumbarse…but Karl Rove, Cheney, etc. are pretty good manipulating Joe Trailer-Park…

even better than Milard Fillmore and James Polk…noooooo

[ot]Did anyone see that Bush twins speak at the RNC earlier tonight…that was probably the third most painful thing I’ve ever had to sit through in my life[/ot]

I did a google search, and most of the references I noticed were in the form of “Thank God that…” or “God Bless America.” The rest seem to be Christian bands: http://www.charismanews.com/a.php?ArticleID=9685 Besides, a good chunk of the Republican support comes from religious people.

With that said, both parties cater to the religious groups. You’ll often see the Kerry/Edwards campaign speaking publically at African American churches for example.


I was thinking about something concerning the bi-partisanship that runs your country…
When there’s only one opponent, it’s easier to bash him/her. When there are more than one, you have to concentrate on your strong points rather than pointing out the adversaries weak ones… It’s a shame your leaders prefer pointing out… There are examples all over. I was surfing on the gop’s website, “headlines” bash Kerry, rather than put Bush forward. Same on the dem’s website. Bush is being pointed out as a weak/dumb person more often than Kerry being more intelligent…


The RNC’s choice of venue seems almost insulting this year. Apparently it’s worth setting up shop in a democratic stronghold in order to leech off the 9/11 associations. They’re using one tragedy to justify another, and are still cleverly tying 9/11 and Iraq together to keep the masses satisfied.

I am amused that most of the RNC prime time speakers don’t exactly embody the Republican party Platform. It fits this administration’s pattern of presenting a popular face to the people, gently misleading them just long enough to get them hooked.

Because once you’re voted in, you’re basically set for 4 years. And once you start a war, the country is in it for the long haul. Whatever you do, don’t let ordinary people see the honest truth until long after you take office and the troops are on the ground.