$300 High Custom Quality Flash/Website Designs! - Xucid Studios!

Hello I am from Xucid Studios! We are 3 person web-design company based out of Wisconsin. We provide very high quality designs. We are offering a June special which is $300 dollar, high quality, custom flash designs. Our work usually quotes for around $1000 dollars, but in order to keep our company busy we our offering this special. The sites we design are like our own website, they are not entirely flash based.
To take a look at our portfolio and web-designs come to our website at http://www.Xucid.com! If you are interested please contact our sales department at [email protected]. And state the address of your website, your company/website name, your email address, your phone #, what kind of design you are looking for, what category you are (ex. retail store, estore, hotels, et cetera.). Our designs are customizable. We only design website, we don’t develop for them.

Name: Xucid Studios
Contact: [email protected]
Location: Wisconsin

Sorry to put my nose into this thread, but since were on the subject of how much money gets charged for websites. Has anyone actually asked 2advancedstudios how much they would charge for a site? I mean they have that chat thing for q&a stuff, but I have never tried it. Does anyone actually know?

Edited by Digital: He his showing his work not looking for nasty critiques.

Anyone where between 30k - 1.5 million :). Cheers :beer:.

Edited by Digital: He his showing his work not looking for nasty critiques.

Thank you DJ. I was waiting for someone to say that.

The quality of the site doesn’t matter.

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No where in there does it say:

a) Give your opinions on the site
b) Comment on the quality of the person’s site or prices

This is up for the employer to decide, not yourself. If you wish to comment on sites, which you all seem oh-so-willing to do, post in the Showcase/Critiques forum. This forum is for potential employers, it gives them an easy avenue to find a web designer. Do you really think you’re helping his company by dissing his site? If anything, you’re costing him business. Sure his site isn’t the best, sure his prices may not be competetive, but the amount of business his company receives will reflect this, you don’t need to point these out. I suggest everyone who has negative comments, either PM them to him in a respectful fashion, or quite simply shut up. Grow up, this isn’t just a hobbie for people, he might depend on this job to put food on the table, and you should feel d*mn guilty if he’s not getting a job now because of your comments.

And for god’s sake, if you’re doing to diss his site, tell him how to improve it.

um did his site get switched to a gaming servers site? because all i see is a gaming servers site, links dont work, and, i dont see a portfolio link.

yeah, I don’t see anything about a design service, all I see is a gaming server and some 404 error’s, I’m confused and as soon as somebody’s read this I’ll delete it so I won’t be any harm

Looks like some sort of Habo Hotel component site? No idea.