Another how much would a site like this cost

Just wonderin how much a site like this would cost, with less content, but some flash tweens and navigation ?? thankks cause i have no clue!! i have looked around but i want a more correct value just incase…i don’t wanna get ripped off :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the site thanks!

Not much I don’t think. All I see is html, I don’t see any flash. Other than the logo, it appears it would be fairly easy to make.

Yah i agree it would be fairly easy! But in the one i am going to make, it will be similiar but i will add some flash navigation bar and loading stuff…But it will also be mainly HTML. ok thanks …i would be happier if you could give me a value though :stuck_out_tongue:

well I will be crusified if I say low, but something like that, if its only static HTML with no backend scripting, and very little flash, I would say anywhere from 200-500 depending on your skill level. of course, charging by the hour is always the best way to go, but sometimes thats not possible.

I would charge around a grand even for that site…

It also depends on who the client is. If its a small Mom&Pop store, then charging a grand might not be possible (or ethical), if its a larger company, then of course the price goes up…

wow sureshot you must earn a lot of money :stuck_out_tongue:

and thanks jubba i’ll keep those in mind :slight_smile:

yea i agree, it depends on who your selling hte site too, and chaging by the hour always works best for me. with that said i’ say anywhere from 250-500. i mean you could charge more but thats a poorly designed site if you ask me

bingo :wink:

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**bingo :wink: **

Agreed :thumb: The site does look ugly, but it had the same content i have to make so y’know :slight_smile:

first of all, minus the backgrounds, this site isnt that bad. It needs a border around the main image and the main image should stay the same size all the way through - but other than that it’s not too bad. I mean it’s mostly text, and that’s not the developers fault.

As for my estimate, that would be if the compnay was established, that’s for sure. If it was just a small little business than probably like 5-600 is more the range.

oh… that background…


I’d charge between 1500-2000$.

I will give them $10 jsut to change that background image:crazy:

not much at all looks like maybe a days work. 200-500 is about right.

Pimp, just wondering, but how many clients do you get?

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**I’d charge between 1500-2000$. **

your crazy. i guess if you get lucky and you are able to “rape” a company, but i personally would be embarrassed(woah) to ask that figure for a site like that.

it’s my experience that you will only get that kind of money for something so plain if your dealing with a company like where i work. they only care if it works. they have no worries about design or server side code. any company that has half a clue will laugh at you if you ask 1500-2000 for a site lke that. there are millions of web designers, why would they pay you that much? i know i wouldn’t

you guys don’t value your time then, do you? :sigh:

My prices would normally start at a minimum of $75/hr x 40hrs = $3000.
As a professional web designer, you need to be firm with
your prices and firm with the delivery of your skills and your

On a more freelancer level, I wouldn’t do this type of site for less
than $1200 because it still wouldn’t be worth my time.

I always tell my prospective clients, that they can easily get their
site done by someone else and much cheaper, but they’re never
going to get the quality of work at my price.

This is where I took a page out of 2a’s book. They don’t work
with every single person that comes along and wants a web site
done, and I don’t either. I weigh out the project, figure out my
estimated costs for UNFLUX to do the job, then I decide whether I
even want to do the work or not.

You’ve gotta know your scope, or your focus to the work. If you
just want to take on every project that comes your way, there’s
not much satisfaction, or $$$ in that pjilosophy. I know that,
because I’ve done it.

I can’t do this job, or have a business, and work just to work. I
want to enjoy it, so I think hand-picking my clients is the way to do that.

For instance, I have a client that I did work for a few months ago,
is now coming back to me with a new project. He wants me to
develop a full site from scratch, with dynamic content and a
database to manage searches. The original proposal I gave him
was for $15,000 and I don’t think I’m gonna do it because this
guy’s a major pain in the ***.

“Aim high, you’ll hit high.”
“You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.”

Not everyone has the skill level or the portfolio to back up their skils like you do tho. For someone just starting out, with no prior sites to show, can’t just say “Oh yeah, give me $3000, and I’ll give you what you want.”

You wouldn’t want to know what people would say if I asked for that much… But you have great work and can back that price up. Just because others don’t charge as much, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t value their time.


You are giving information that will only hurt up and coming designers. I respect your opinion but i feel you are wrong. Let me explain.

I graduated college last August. As we all know the job market is terrible. I was doing data entry for about $10 an hour. In my spare time I did freelance work for small businesses. All of my clients were cheapo’s. They weren’t making much money so they couldn’t afford a $1000 websites. So i did them really cheap, $300-$500 each. At the end I said to myself, “**** this wasn’t worth my time”. And it wasn’t. However becasue of those jobs I am now a contracting web master for the NYC District Army Corps of Engineers. No more $10 an hour data entry job. All because I sucked up my pride and did jobs that would help my career, even though I got ripped off. Please don’t think I am trying to say how cool I am, becuase I am not. I got lucky and took advantage of it.

With that said, sometimes doing jobs where your not recieving the correct amount could be helpful, even though it doesn’t look like that now. Also how are you ever going to learn “Real World” web development if you don’t start out small. You have a great portfolio, you are in your career. Therefor you can charge whatever you’d like, and I’m happy for you. But to get where you are is a bumpy rode and if you let your pride get in the way you will never become nothing. The more you can get for a site then the better. But what I’m saying is if your a hungry developer take what you can get, you neevr knwo when it will pay off.

Also I knda take this line offensivly

you guys don’t value your time then, do you?
. I do value my time, very much indeed. I’m just not at the stage I want to be yet, so until then I’ll do whatever I have to, just to get there.