3269 Random brought to a new high

3269 replies. With this note, Random now has become the busiest place at Kirupa. I have helped bring Random to where it should be, giving Random a whole new meaning. I am glad it is me who gets to press the button, bringing Kirupa to this new plateau of humanity. Oh rejoice oh makers of randomness-


Wait wait wait, I’m gonna put 10 new messages in the Flash AS board. :evil:

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Better not pal! I have been waiting for this moment for days now when I saw the difference between the two narrowing. then I saw the opportunity to be the one who pushes it over. And I did. And you better not. Thats all I have to say phrenchy…If you start upsetting the balance I might grab a few friends, move to France, become a citizen, and vote for Le Penn in spite. Ha! :evil:

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Well, you guys/gals are the only Flash family I have. I know absolutely no one personally who knows more than I do Flash-wise (which is quite a small amount unfortunately).

It’s nice to share random thoughts with people with similar interests.

Thanks for having a great site and a great community, Kirupa and everyone involved in every way great or small. :slight_smile:


It is a nice board isn’t it? There is much to be said about the ambience here. It’s refreshing. Just so you know, Kirupa is kind of the quiet one, Ilyas the Phrenchman, a reflection of what I believe I should become flashwise in my next level, is a little more spoken. Then there is Upuat, Dave. He will help you with anything he can. Then theres Thoriphes, our Asian Actionscript God, he’s pretty good along with suprabreener. And then there Jubba who will help yo with anything he can and try to make you laugh if he cant help. Then theres Eyezberg, who has publicly accused me of straying from subject matter. (not true) And don’t forget about Live, the Columnist come lately…And then theres Renngirl, the cute one with the oversized head or undersized body who always sheds her light and ambient personailty wherever she might roam. And they all have a heart of gold including those not mentioned. So your right, it’s a pretty cool place in here. Theres something about Ambience, isn’t there? :wink:


Hey Phil,
Me…the quiet one? :slight_smile: I agree, the random thread is a really cool place to read up on what other people ‘randomize’ about. Eventhough I do read almost all the posts, once school is out (27 days! <inserts heavenly music>) I do hope to post more!


…and let’s not forget Phil; the wise-cracking, sarcastic, dry-sense of humoured resident of the peanut gallery. :slight_smile: You are the “O” in “LOL.” :slight_smile:

I really like the distinct personalities in here. Funny how a piece of software can bring people together.

Oh, and Phil, if you ever lose your class-clown status, I have my application ready to turn in. :slight_smile:


I’m so offended Phil! I thought we’ve settled it that I was going to get to play the heinous ****** in this whole matter. Did I get stripped of my heinous ****** powers? Let’s see…

Halle Berry man-made! fizzle ****it!

You know, I wrote my post and then realized I left out Rengirl and felt bad, then I was going to change it and I realized that I did say something about all those not mentioned. I do include your shining oversized face (for your body anyways) to be amongst those that are the Jovial…Can we share the ****** thang? Maybe one week I can be the Queen, then the next it can be you. Are you open for compromise? :wink: I assure you you have not been stripped of your powers… :lol:

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You will notice the addendum to the above forementioned post; :wink: Sorry for the oversight, your majesty…Doh!
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I really like the distinct personalities in here. ** time2design**

Agreed. I think it’s interesting how, especially in Princess Bride, just seem to represent the generic views of certain types of people. It’s like something somebody wrote… Too convenient… Kind of creepy.

I once went around proposing to people that they weren’t actually alive; they were just characters in a story and didn’t exist until a couple of days ago, and as soon as the plot’s over they’ll cease to exist. I made careful sure, too, to remind them that they were only secondary characters and didn’t exist without the presence of a primary character - they just thought they did. That all these memories they had were just placed in their minds when they came in to creation a few days ago for background information, and all this so-called history was the same thing.

I found it kind of funny that everyone short of my friend that helped create and explain the theory got pissed off at us for questioning their existance. Some would accept that life was just a story, but for some reason they thought that the story would have started sixty four million years ago and that it wouldn’t end until time ended. Who the hell writes a story that bloody long?

Also, almost EVERYONE insisted they were a primary character. Ridiculous. There can only be one primary character. What makes you so bloody convinced it’s you?

People, though, got especially pissed off when I explained to them that they’d be ceasing to exist as soon as we got closure. Now I was questioning their spiritual AND physical meanings of existance. It even took a while to convince my friend that was helping me explain the theory of that aspect.

It lead to some interesting discoveries on the human mind and their insistance on existing. There’s a line in a movie… I belive it went:

“When a man dies his life flashes before his eyes, as though he’s vainly trying to find some kind of proof that he was ever alive.”

Strange and true, isn’t it?

I try not to entangle myself with such pedantic arguments as they are never ending. I am logged on, therefore I am. Or, I am, therefore I am logged on. Either way it presents no obstacle for me to believe in my own existence. But if this is a book, I am one of the charachters that has no last name, like in Galaxy Quest. Which means I will get offed sometime soon. And that suits me just fine. To be free from this body is to be present with the Lord-I can deal with that. The sooner the better. It’s a nice fantasy but not as well thought out as the Matrix Fantasy. Needs werk!

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