Another question, it’s not really actionscript, but it could be :), I have made a 3D-model of my school, for it’s website, but, i want it to rotate in flash. I was thinking i could rotate the model in my 3d-program 10° and save the image and do this over and over again until i have completed the rotation, then I could paste it into the frames, that’s posible, but isn’t there an easier way?

which program are you using? Flix is one of the preffered methods these days…

I’m using autocad 2002 to make a dwg, a dxf, a wmf or a 3ds -file

1.Animate in 3ds max, export with swift or vecta 3d
2.get Discreet Plasma and render to swf
3.send me the max file and i’ll send you the swf
4. :slight_smile: