A cuestion for the FX expert!

ok, you star to talk about how you can use the FX but you don;t thing in how DO the FX!!.. \r\r:smokin: ok!.. so this is mi first idea, (a novate idea)… i thig firs\ryou have to do, a movi clip, for the moviment of the water,the more realistic, as you cant!.. (have to wach(see), the water, and do a lot of graphip!.. then simulate the water, in one movieClip, then this movie clip can be a boton, ho in roll over do something like morpheus(:expressionless: ) over the image, and this boton have to be :smokin: fit at the center of the mause, and y dont now how!!.. you have to tell to animation (of water) inside the over boton, play at the movimen of the mause, and this movimen rules by the speed…:smokin: \r\rmmm… looks like is a lot of work!.. but is my idea!!!\ranivary?..:smokin:

Joss…this effect is very difficult (near impossible for something that looks exactly like that) to create in Flash. The image you see is a Java Applet, and takes and understanding of Java scripting to create.

yes!..you rigth!.. take a lot of work!.. :smokin: but is like everythin
the first computer, was like an stadiun!..and now, a have one in my paket!..
i’m working on it!.. maybe like a stone worker!.. but am doing!..it!.

wen i saw, all tat fx, like graviti, impac deteccion, deformations, of images!.. i belive tat everythin can be simulated in flash!.. and i still beliving!..tat!..

let see wath hapen!!.. salut!!:smokin:

I don’t believe that Java is a more powerful tool than Flash when it comes to graphic. Actually, I’ve seen in my book something that could look (from a long distance) like that. Maybe if I have 3 weeks to loose, some day ?..

pom 0]

I think Macromedia wasnt set out to make programs which use technology which is already available, but if they did, what a stupid idea.

I never said Java was more powerful when it comes to graphics, its just that Java makes that effect, and it makes it well. Flash is definately the better graphic program/language, however, I believe that an effect that looks like that is only achieveable with Java or some other programming language. Good luck with that effect Pom, i would like to see it when you are done. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all coming to look at the site. I know most of you didn’t get passed the front page, but thanks anyway.

As you can see I went for the Java option for the effect. I did try doing it in flash, but it just didn’t work as well. If anybody does come up with a way of doing it in Flash, fantastic! I’ll check back regularly.

Many thanks again
Abz (Spacedabz) UK

hey! Spacedabz

i realy like your loop thing!.. very good!
i have the magix music studio generator
very har to use profecionaly!



It’s all down to Fruityloops 3 and Flash 5.

Can’t live without 'em

If anyone does have any idea how to make the water effect in flash, I think they’d be on to a winner. It just takes too much processor power to run smoothly like the Java applet.

Abz (Spacedabz) UK