Help me: Making a site with tons of water effects


I’m basically new to flash… and I’ve been working on learning more and more and stuff.

I need to have my site done by october 16th for a contest… but I’m not sure how I can make this stuff I want on it… I just need some advice and a little help with the progamming and such. Heres what I need help making.

  • A water like rippling background imagine. (the background ripples when move over it, like tapping water with your finger)
  • Buttons that ripple like water (when you click them)
  • Panels that sit over the water background (when the mouse moves over them, the ripple effect doesn’t happen)
  • Dim reflect of the mouse pointer in the background

If someone could help explain how I can make this, it would really help.
I guess I really just need to know how to make the ripple effects. Once I know how to do that, I can make the rest myself.

for all these watery effects I suggest After Effects, it’s really the easiest way I have seen to get all of what you are talking about. You could also do some crazy masking **** like:


P.S. Animating lifelike/ organic things are VERY hard, you might want to look for other ideas for a site man!

thats what I mean, kinda. Only a little bit more realistic. I guess I’d have to tweak it, huh?

Lol, I’m looking for a wavier look. Something that looks alot like the natural wavy ripple of water. But this is good for if I can’t have that, or if it’ll take too much. Thanks a bunch dude, its a hell of alot better than the big bag of nothing I had :smiley:

question about it though: I think I can use it for my site, but can i slow it down? Anyone know how I could do that?

Also, do I have to apply this to a background in Flash MX or can I place it as a mask over the “main window” area of my page on Dreamweaver?

yeah you can slow it down. if you want to do it in dreamweaver that’s a whole nother monsta man! Thats flash…i guess you want java

no I thought u could important Flash into Dreamweaver and use it for sites. I guess I was wrong though :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll figure it out.

Errr…you can import Flash into Dreamweaver though.

In case more people have uber skills that can help me, I kinda need:

  • almost 3d ripple effect in the background. Ripples when you click it or move over it. The water slowly flattens out as the ripple passes. Light, of course, effects the look of the ripple. I want ti to look like the page is sitting in a puddle, and you’re looking down at it from above. And then, in the center of the page will an image that shows through the water and fades in and out off and on.

  • A way of making it so the mouse pointer will appear like a reflect in the background that will be effected by the ripple of the water.

i donno, that’s all pretty tough stuff, especially if you plan on being done october 16!

I know. I’ll probably wait until next year…

OH! I thought of a perfect example. The main menu of Virtua Fighter 4! Thats kinda how I want the effects to be.

umm and where would I find that? A garage sale?


I mean really dude, was that on Genesis like in '97?

Lol, dude, thats on PS2, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not that old. Its like 20 bucks on PS2, get it from gamestop or something.

you cant expect people to go buy a game so that they can help you with your menu…

I wasn’t telling him to go buy the game… I was just saying for people who have seen it thats a good example… geez. I didn’t say “go buy this game so you can see what I mean” I was just saying…

lol it’s alright i get what you mean,i just am not good enough to do it.


its alright. I probably couldn’t pull it off if I had the information on how to do it…
I need a Beginner’s Tutorial for using Flash MX >< I have no idea what I’m doing.

So, nobody else has any thing they can offer me? I guess thats good, but i would have really liked more…