A followup question

Hi Kirupa,

When I asked you about preloaders, you wrote “You may then add a small loop statement a few frames after the initial code (Go to and Play Frame 1, etc.)” - What do you mean?
I think that I may be getting this preloader thing. I’ll just run it by you and you can correct me if I’m wrong. In your example, the “If Frames Loaded” Layer is where I can havea little animation that is informing viewers that it’s loading. It connects the layer with my largest animation to the beginning of my scene. So when my frame labeled “Main” is not yet loaded, " the animation under “If Frames Loaded” shows and my “Start” layer doesn’t start. Only when my “Main” layer is fully loaded will my “Start” Layer works.
What if you have a very complex scene which requires many layers? Are the other layers played even though they aren’t labeled “Start”? Should I align them where my “Start” layer begins? Or will they play earlier? Thanks for your help.

Hello Raux,
I’ll try to explain it a bit clearer.

  1. You use a If Frame Loaded statement at the first frame to link to a frame label at the ending or largest part of the movie.

  2. You create a small looping animation that works over and over again. Lets say that the looping movie is 5 frames long. At the 5th frame, add a GotoAndPlay (1) statement that plays back the first frame.

  3. Now, let’s go back to the first frame. If frameisloaded (the largest or last part of the movie) Then Go To And Play, choose a frame after Frame 5…like Frame 6.

So, now to break it down into words. The animation will loop until the part of the movie that you called in “If FrameLoaded” has loaded into the user’s computer. If it has not, it will play the loading sequence that will loop once the animation reaches Frame 5. Once the main part of the movie is loaded, it will go to “Frame 6” ; bypassing Frame 5 and it’s looped command. Now, the movie will play as normal.

But, you should move your main animation to come after the loading frames. For this example, your main movie would start after frame 5.

I hope that helps. If you are still having problems, please don’t hesitate to reply back.

Kirupa Chinnathambi
[email protected]