A nomination for SOTW

Check out this awesome site!\r\rwww.ry-guy.com/

holy cow!!\ri spent a while looking at his site, it’s amazing!!\ri really think it deserves to get site of the week… good job finding it pixel sensei!

This is truly great, looks like a lot of work!\rYou ever managed to get any content on this:\rwww.velocityworks.com/flash/\rlink which is in his link part? Never worked for me…\r\rSOTW definitely!

Ryguy is awesome, quick loads, excellent art, original, fun, captivating. Wow.\rEyez, that velocity site was only like a 10% window, couldn’t get it to open. \rI would say it is great but my nomination goes to Fadzter.com. That site is everything I would like to be in a flash artist by now. It’s great. So is ryguy and the choice is tuff but methinks fadzter.com is a winner. \r\rpj\r;)

Thanks for your compliments, everyone!\r\r-Ryan Terry\rwww.ry-guy.com

SSSSSSSWWWWWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT!!\r\rnuf said

No way! While Fadster’s site is top notch and very clean and easy to navigate, etc… Ry-guy has a much more original concept going and the interface might not be as simple to navigate but it encourages the viewers to “come play.” Rengirl like to play. Thus Ry-guy should get the gold.\r\rAhh why not just give them dull sticks and put them in an arena where they can fight to the death for Kirupa SOTW!

FFC : Flash Fight Club : www.mondo.com.pl !\r\r(though it really takes a LOOOooong time to load!)

Amazing site…\r\r(On the debate as to who deserves Site Of The Week:) …of course, I don’t think you’re even allowed to win Site Of The Week unless you nominate yourself. I can’t think of any time it’s happened, anyway.

yes, ry guy, please re-submit the site under your name, and you might become the next week’s SOTW. Your site is really amazing!\r\rCheers,\rKirupa

Wow. Ry-guy (I love the game :smiley: ) and Joe’s site are truely amazing.\r\rpom 0]