>> Fadzter.com - i'm finally through!

\rwww.fadzter.com\r\rcheck it out & tell me what you think\r\rcheers!\r(<-)

That’s some pretty dope and clean design!


Very nicely realized interface. Composition is always consistent and content is interesting. This shows skill, good design approaches and rigid structure.\r\rI like that!!!\r\rPS: Got to check out the optical illusion section!

thanks guys… tha main styly of design was the mid section of the page with the “shocking” color… the grey was hence essential!\r\rabout the illusions section… that’s everyones favourite so far! maybe i should work on some more 'ey?\r\rthanks guys… (and gals!)\rcheers

That is one hell of a site! Nice. Good job. 10 out of possible 10. I was hypnotized by the music and pissed off by your illusions. (my eyes are still stinging) Now gimme the answers or I’ll downgrade you to a 7.5…I want the answers! Excellent site! :lol: \r\rpj\r;) \rthe flash is strong with you fadzter. Now come and join me and we will rule the universe as Father and Son…Join me Fadzter…

You have my vote Fad[tz]er.\r\rpom 0]

\rthanks for the props. the site did win the flashkit award some time back!\r\rcheers yall!!

Hey fadzter,\rYour site is really cool, and I think you deserve this week’s SOTW :slight_smile: The best part about your site is that you provided a variety of cool flash features into a seamless animation. Here are the links:\r\rwww.kirupa.com/about/linkus.htm\rwww.kirupa.com/gallery/awards.asp\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

thanks mates!\r\rreally appreciate the award.\r\rone small thing… it’s misspelt on the kirupa homepage … lol…