A question on Office XP's Frontpage?

Hi there, I have just installed office XP on my
system yesterday and I am quite pleased with
the interface and look of the frontpage.

However I got some problem when I want to
import pictures in from Paint to Frontpage
via the cut-and-paste method

Like for example, I drew something on Paint, and
then I just copy and paste it to Frontpage. Before
XP I uses Office2000 and it worked just fine, but
now the image that I paste to frontpage becomes
‘deformed’ - Any idea about this one?

I tried to look in option or tools hoping that there’s
some option that can configrue this image handling
features but it seems that FrontapgeXP doesn’t have
that features to configure at all.

well ?

Hey Midas,
I tried using paint and pasting several times into FrontPage. I did not notice any of the deformities that you are referring to, but I did notice that some colors had become blurry. This problem is caused when your image contains more than 256 colors. All images less than 256 colors that are pasted have no problem.

Try saving the page. You will get a window that asks if you choose to save the images as well. Right below the Picture Preview, press the Picture Options button. The Picture Options window will display. Make sure you select JPEG and set the quality of the image to anywhere between 85-95 percent. If you choose to, you can make your image quality 100 at the expense of download time. I think that should solve your problem. If not, please reply back and I’ll try to see what else might be the cause.

Dear Kirupa,

I’ve tried to save the image already, and tried all the option [as gif, and as jpg[ it doesn’t seems to work, I am still trying to toy around with available option and see what I could possibly do to overcome this thing.

I will try saving my original image in 256 color, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

kirupa, I’ve tried saving the image in 256 color [and less] but it doesn’t helps. I tried doing that and then pasting it to FrontpageXP [it got deformed] and then when I save it, I change the picture option to .jpeg with 100% quality - it’s still not working.


I saved all my images as I tried this and that, you can
see the difference. I also tried doing this thing using Frontpage2000 [my sister still have it installed next door] so that you can see the difference.

at this moment I have to save it as .bmp, and then
convert it to .jpeg via ACDSEE to get the image I
want, but the size is really big and it is no different
than copy-and-pasting it in Frontpage2000.

Visit the URL, and you’ll see my point.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Midas,
I’m not sure why FrontPage would distort the images. It is quite unfortunate. I often use a program called Microsoft Image Composer (which came with FrontPage 2000 Stand-Alone) for saving images in JPEG and inserting it in FrontPage. I don’t know how to prevent this problem from occuring without using a basic image editing application.

I will try to see if there is some setting that is causing this problem to occur. Once I do find the source for the problem, I’ll contact you about the solution!


gee, thanks a lot Kirupa, you are the man :slight_smile:
I am still tinkering around here, but it seems that
Frontpage2002 just doesn’t support it :frowning: nvm that
I’ll just find other image editing application and
start using it to get used to it :slight_smile:

thanks for all your help.


This is not just a frontpage issue, it happens alot in alot of differnt programs, like alot of Macromedia programs, I am not exsactly sure on the issue, but I do know if you use Paint shop pro and “save” the image (jpg or gif), and import it in with the image tool, it does not happen.