Actionscript by Colin Moock

Hi guys,

The above book isn’t available in my home country, or it’s real expensive to order in from overseas.

Can you suggest and alternative that will teach me as much? Or is that book worth getting even if I have to order it from overseas…I live in Australia.

I think that it is worth it, but to tell the truth, you can learn any of that stuff by asking questions here. The only problem are those strange commands that you don’t know exist, so you don’t know to ask about them.

Since you’re new, I’d suggest just hanging around for a while. Do some of Kirupa’s tutorials, and ask a lot of questions. The only one who can really answer if that will be worthwhile is you, and you wont really know that yet.

Welcome btw, always a pleasure to see new flashers.

great , do they sell books at borders ? how 'bout barnes and nobles?