Actionscript advice and thank you

Thank you for the screen shake tutorial, OK and i cannot believe you are 16, OMG you are obviously
going to do very well. Well i want to learn action scripting should i go ahead and get a book(which) or
do you have any recommendations? Is it good for you if I buy it via your site?


P.S. and for the site advice your site is awesome i do agree it would be neat to have a site of the week
and you never have enough tutorials

Hey Randy,
Thanks for the nice comments. More tutorials are on the way lol! Click the Advanced Link from the following URL: The books listed are some of the best books that I’ve read or browsed through. My top pick is ActionScript: The Definitive Guide. A great book that teaches you everything there is to know about AS.

Buying from my site does give me a small commission. People buying books from my site is the only way the site manages to stay afloat (besides minor advertising fees I get) If you are planning on buying books online from, I would prefer you buy through my site :slight_smile:

well…i did my share of contributing to Kirupa’s site by purchasing the ASDG book from your site. If I’d known this earlier, i would have used this site to buy the rest of the books I bought.

Just sharing my appreciation for this Forum and Kirupa’s Site.

Keep up the good work.


Hi Kirupa,
i ordered the book via your site and I think you should say something somewhere in your site so people know it helps support your site by ordering via your site. I know nobody likes to get hammered with it but
people who use your site and your quick responses are also people who go to web stores and order books
and I know i would prefer you get something for your work.

Yeah thats a good idea. Ima order a book 2! KIRUPA 100% baBY!