Actionscript help for dummies?

I’ve been scouring the net for a site that offers actionscript (specifically variable) tutorials/explanations for someone who is…well, a retard like me :slight_smile: I finally ended up at, which is a great site, but even in the beginner tutorials that say there is no required previous knowledge to understand get me lost.

Is there a site that could give me some help with actionscript? Something that explains it simply and clearly?

Hmm. These are good, but I feel like I should be starting at some kind of “beginning” and then learning everything there is to know in some knid of order. I guess my problem is that actionscript is such a huge topic that there isn’t really a “beginning” or “end.” Thanks :slight_smile:

Try this:
This helped me bunches learning actionScripting.
And maybe some of these:

The best thing to do is open up some flas here and there and disect them to see how they work. Experiment a lot. If you get stuck on something, do a search of this forum - answer’s probably there.

Good luck!!

I’m not sure that Bit’s gravity tute is the right way to start :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, try the very simple tutes, and move along. I started just like you almost 2 years ago with this tute :slight_smile: :
Then I did the pool square, everything about tellTarget…

pom :phil:

I don’t know, I found it real simple becuase he explains everything that’s done starting with movement, then boundries, then forces. I guess it could be considered pretty hard - it’s all about algebra aptitude (too bad I figured I’d never use it after high school and forgot most of it!!):trout:<-That’s for me…
Bit-101 is where I started and I still do all my actionscripting the same way, but, to each his/her own.

Here are some basic tutorials of things in AS you will most likely have to use often…

<B>Variable Scope</B>

<B>_root, _parent, and this</B>

<B>Relative Addressing</B>

<B>Displaying Data in a TextField</B>

<B>Incrementation and Decrementation</B>

<B>Loading Techniques</B>

And don’t forget the preloader tutorials…

<B>Standard Basic Preloader</B>

<B>Preloader with load percentage</B>

<B>Preloader with load percentage and load bar</B>

Wow, I really liked that gravity tutorial. I actually understood it. He explained almost everything I needed to know, and left some simple stuff for me to figure out myself. Thanks!

I finished it, but it seems that my ball goes crazy with the slightest toss. Would someone look at the .fla and see if they can find anything wrong? I want it to…well, I guess be less bouncey. I messed with gravity and drag, but nothing seems to make it bounce less. Someone had a footer which was just a ball in a room that you could bounce around. It seemed more realistic than I can make this ball for some reason. Can anyone help me out a little? You’ve all been so helpful so far, I can’t help but ask fora little more :slight_smile:

The tutorial tells you how to change the bounce level :wink:


Van you just gotta go for it you’ll make tons of mistakes so don’t worry about it, but through that you’ll learn lots of things. Picking up your first programming language is not the easiest thing, but these people here are really great and very helpful.

Just do as many tutorials as you can it will start clicking eventually. :slight_smile: Good luck

and once you do tutorials try to apply your new found knowledge to something you know or try to recreate something youve already seen that seems simple. both things will force you to learn new applications of stuff as well as new stuff… good luck.