Hey Flashers,

I’ve just started working on Flash MX over the past month, and am taking the time to explore. When I look at the effects that one can create with Flash, man, am i amazed! For a beginner like me, is it advisable to learn ActionScript? Cuz I plan to integrate Flash into my webpages…lemme know, aye? Thanks!


yes. You must learn actionscript. The sooner you start the more understanding you will have. Check out the tutorials section and try all the tutorials and if you have any questions on the code, just post in the forums. Good luck and welcome to the boards…

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m some basic background in C++, though I’m not that good. Would I need to have a prior knowledge to master ActionScript? Or would a book/tutorials suffice?

You don’t really need prior knowledge, but it does help. Tutorials are definately enough. I wouldn’t really recommend spending the money on books. The tutorials on this site and others should be enough.

Where’s the ActionScript tutorial in this website anyway? Can someone just post the link in here? I was searching for it…and I can’t find anything for beginners!

i have never bought any books for any programs I use!
I have learned them all by searching tutorials on the net!
It’s a bit hard to find good tutes but at least I save some money :slight_smile:
But hey! If money is no problem for you feel free to buy some books if ya want!
There are good tutorials on this site! Try out the basic tutes first!

Hey Coolian,

I started learning AS a month after I started with Flash. I started in June 2002… so that means I started AS in July 2002… yeah, a day or 2 before I signed up for this forum (sorry, trying to sort out dates in my head… doesn’t work well for me…lol).

Anyway, I don’t own any books, nor have I read them, but I get my knowledge by using the search button for this forum, and tutorials on Kirupas site. And just running a search on google or something and trying to find stuff.

The link to the actionscript tutorials section of this site is found here…

Although in the MX section some of the stuff uses Actionscript and can be very handy.

Thanks guys, for ur replies! But one thing has been killing me, and it’s real easy I guess…juz dunno where to start! This is the effect I wanna create:

I want letters to form one after the other, rapidly, resulting in a word. Let us look at the word “Think”. For this word, I want the “T” to come first, and then the “H”, then the “I” and so on, rapidly, and one after the other. The letters should appear to come from nowhere, and then “disappear”. Do I make sense? This effect is obviously possible, I’ve seen it on numerous websites. How would I go about doing this? Would I need ActionScript? Or plain manipulation? Or just…brains?

Well you can do that with actionscript, or you can do that with tweens.

Here is the actionscript way…

And well… a tween is the most simple thing you can do in Flash, and I am assuming you know how to do one, after a month of using Flash, but here is a link on an example of tweening.