Add your own Caption (Deer Picture)

“I wonder if it’s illegal to eat road kill?”

“I wonder if this would look good on my wall”

“Where is A-1 Steak Sause when you need it”

“Sir, do you know its illegal to drive without a windshield?”

“Can’t you see the sign? It says “No Parking!”, I’m gonna have to give you a ticket”

"Hey Tommy?

What <i>is</i> the current street price of powdered deer antler?"


“LISTEN! I am not going to tell you again, get the BUCK out of the car and put your hoofs where I can see them!”

The children of today must learn that making love while driving a car is not a good combination.

“…Never thought I’d have to give Rudolf a breathalizer…”

“Officer, i was driving along and a Friggin’ Human jumped into the road and it hit him!! Medic?!”

Monty Python fans will understand…

“Come back and I shall taunt you a second time!”

“Run AWAY!!!”

“Uhh, do I have to give mouth-2-mouth here!?”

Yah, I am gonna have to go with SureShot’s too - he’s a clever guy that one… :slight_smile:

to be honest I have tried to come up with another but I cannot top that one. The other that I really like is “…Never thought I’d have to give Rudolf a breathalizer…” by Jubba!

“tisk, tisk… That’s what you get for rollerskating on the freeway…”


‘So who’s gonna be the one to tell Nick about this?’

ps-let me know if you get it…


I get it Jubsy! :P:P

SO much the winner! :slight_smile:


I was just making sure, my roommate and his girlfriend didn’t get it at first, and they are pretty intelligent people, so I was worried that no one would understand…

j u s t b e c a u s e w e s m a r t n o t d o n o t m e a n w e a r e n o t s m a r t n o t .

" so let me get this strait? you where about to hump the deer when what happened?"

Lame I know but I’m tired:(