Addressing the Giant List of Tutorials Problem

Hi, everybody!
One of the biggest challenges with the site today is that navigating it is a pain. If you land on a particular article via google, that’s great. If you try to make sense of the content and navigate it like you would a book or walkthrough, you are stuck.

To partially address this, one thing I’m going to do is break all of the content into smaller modules with content inside them arranged by chapters. Here is an example:

What do you all think? I’ll probably have one of the pages coded up really soon, so you can play with it and get a better feel for how things look.

Kirupa :orange_book:

The idea seems good, structurally.

The screenshot doesn’t really show the idea well, though. It looks like the topic is “CSS Animations”. Based on titles alone, Chapter 1 covers what, like 2-5% of what you’d want to know, and then Chapter 2 claims to cover the other 95-98%? “All about” seems like a misleading submodule name.

From your screenshot, I’d assume that Chapter 1’s “Next” button would lead to Chapter 2; is that what you had in mind?

The first stab is the make the giant list smaller and a bit more informative. Here is what we have so far:

I am breaking the animation topic into a CSS topic and a JavaScript topic, and I’m working on the JavaScript topic right now :smile:

Also, good point on the naming. The internets bucket “CSS Animations” as including both transitions and animations, but I updated the text to be a bit clearer.