What to call this new section?

I’m finally getting around to creating more end-to-end articles/videos that focus on building a full example as opposed to going deep on a single concept. Examples of these new items include:

  1. Creating a Sweet Digital Clock
  2. Build a Caesar's Cipher
  3. Eyes that Follow the Mouse - YouTube
  4. Create a Totally Awesome Analog Clock
  5. Creating a Smooth Sliding Menu | kirupa.com
  6. Creating a Sliding Menu in React | KIRUPA
  7. Move Element to Click Position | kirupa.com
  8. Displaying a Random Image Using the Unsplash API - YouTube
  9. Building an Awesome Todo List App in React | KIRUPA
  10. The Devowelizer Coding Challenge
  11. The Konami Code Challenge

My thinking is that this deserves its own top-level section above Articles and Videos on the left nav:

The part that I have been scratching my head about is what to call this section? It needs to be short. Some items I was thinking about was Build Stuff, Build Together, Walkthroughs, Challenges, Codelabs. Of these Build Stuff and Walkthroughs sound better with Walkthroughs having a slight edge.


Kirupa :bookmark:

Is “Tutorials” too passé?

That’s actually a great one! Tutorials are guided walkthroughs, so that is the top contender now.

Should I rename articles to something like Fundamentals and fold Videos into it? This would mean the left nav could be:


Which one are you folding videos into? I would expect tutorial-style articles and tutorial videos to be under Tutorials. That turns the rest of the articles into Guides, essentially. But if you’re mixing non-tutorial articles and videos into a section, you would have to characterize the similarities a bit more (like the “4 kinds of documentation” idea). Otherwise it doesn’t really justify folding anything.

My earlier wording of folding Videos into it was wrong and doesn’t make sense. The section will just go away since all of the videos are already a part of an existing article.

The Videos section was added mostly as a landing page for the YouTube videos, so it going away won’t have any negative impact. On the other hand, I can just keep it there as a top level menu item as well.

After thinking some more about it, here is my proposed ordering for the left nav:

Tutorials [used to be Articles]
Guided Projects

The nice-to-have-problem right now is the site has too much content. Because almost all of the site’s traffic comes from search engines, I haven’t been able to justify spending too much time on re-architecting the various content landing pages. The flip side could be that, because the landing pages are a bit of a mess, nobody navigates using it and just rely on Google.

Ok…after going back and forth, the changes have been made. Guided Projects still sounded a bit odd, so I went with Coding Exercises. Articles is now Tutorials, and this already sounds nicer :slight_smile: