Adobe director is discontinued

Adobe director is officially cut i guess.

I didn’t know it was still a thing.

Is there anything it did currently that other tools dont?

It was a jack of all trades. It produced web content through the shockwave player, was extremely popular for interactive CDs, and had a strong presence in kiosks and installation art with its ability to easily interact with hardware. You could embed pictures, audio, videos, flash content, 3d content, and other director movies. And if you’re targeting windows, even active X controls. And what it couldn’t do, you could implement yourself with Xtras (extensions).

Flash eventually supplanted it on the web due to its lighter, quicker plugin (and content tended to be a lot smaller/quicker to load being heavily vector based) and with CDs no longer being a thing, Director started to lose its way. It pivoted on the web towards 3d, trying to target games, but that never really took off, especially as Flash started to go that route as well. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

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Interesting, i always knew there was a large portion of flashy stuff on some kiosks, but i guess i just assumed it was all flash swfs

Just like flash on the web, flash started to replace director there too, especially when flash got good with video (a lot of kiosks use video). But flash also had memory problems which could cause trouble for long-running kiosks to crash. Times square ran flash for one of those large video screens and had to have a second, failover player running for when the first crashed. We weren’t too happy about that. I think we kept giving them new, better builds, but I don’t think it ever really worked completely right.

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Some of my favorite games back-in-the-day were created in Director! I am sad to see this, but definitely not surprised.


That Times Square picture is hilarious, sorry.

Those were the days!

I still have the pay stub for a 116 hour work week for a corporate kiosk pitch. We got the job and I eventually got sleep. Now all I have is old hard drives full of Flash and Director, and plenty of CD’s for beverage coasters. I’m still pretty good at all nighters though.

First my dear friend Flash, now my old buddy Director. :disappointed_relieved:

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