'Advanced rollovers' and 'Creating movie clip' help!

I did this tutorial but i’m having some problems, hope some1 can help :slight_smile: \r\rI create the movie with the animation and follow each step. I then create the button, and add the action script, following each task closely. The problem occurs when i test the movie, as i move my cursor over the button, the following message occurs:\r\rTarget not found: Target="/rollover" Base="_level0"\r\rI have no idea what i’m doing wrong :frowning: \r\rAnother problem i have is that sometimes i cannot even reach this stage! After i create the movie, and then click on scene 1, the animation i have created in the ‘symbol’ area vanishes and i cannot find a way to access it again :frowning: I’m left with ‘scene 1’ and no animation…man i’m lost…or should i be creating the button first, and then the animation with the text???\r\rThanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

  1. You need to give an INSTANCE NAME to the rollover. To see how, check the f5 basic tutorials.\r\r2. ??? Hard to tell just like that. Maybe click on Ctrl + L and you’ll find your movie in the library.\r\rpom 0]

Yes, done it!! In ur tutorial, the name of the instance was rollover and this was in my code, so even though i had renamed my instance in the panel, i needed to rename it in the code as it was still looking for ‘rollover’ ! Man, thanks a million :rollin: