Advertising on Kirupa?

Hey Admins,
Do you guys trade graphics for that front page or is that a “paying” system. I’m talking about the side banners on the right with other companies logos/links. Let me know because I’m interested.

email: [email protected]


ah… I think those are just cool free links that Kirupa likes to have there rather than advertizing… but he certainly does need a banner exchange or something like that. :wink:

There is a cool banner/ticker idea I found in the last week at The direct link to this is;


I had to sign up but I think you might be able to go directly to this link and see the codes anyways for the tickers. This is a great service and I would be willing to help Kirupa set one up as I learn how, this would benefit me as well.

I think Kirupa should try something like this, but at the same time help all of us to be able to make the same thing-We can all help with design and building and we will get the knowledge of being able to do it ourselves on our sites.

These Javascripts, I’ll bet are not that much MORE difficult on the sid we don’t see.
Whaddya think Davey, FearmeLots?


Actually It’s not that hard at all. I’m an expert on server-side scripting (ex. ASP, PHP) and it wouldn’t be that hard to implement. In fact, it’d probably work very well in Kirupas situation…exchange some traffic with all those flash gurus out there…

Fear me-
Would you be willing to help me with a few projects to finish the site? These of course would be a few server side issues that need to get taken care of before I publish-I think Im buying my host today-yea!

Perhaps we could work out some kind of trade. I plan on having quite a bit of traffic in a few months and this could be something that somehow could benefit you, let me know if your interested and willing-

On my last site 2 years ago I was able to drum up 6-10,000 hits a month with absolutely no material whatsoever. It was done for research purposes but shows you that this site will be far more popular than the last.