Advice needed on web design plagiarism


I have a new client whom I thought wanted me to create a website design related to this website:

DJ VOLCANO - click the “Website” button to see what I’m referring to.

As it turns out, he wants me to copy this design way more closely than I feel comfortable with. For example, he wants the following things to be pretty much identical:

[]The circle shape and placement
]The look and behavior of the churning background
[]The shape, behavior, and erratic movement of the buttons
]The intermittent flashes
The only things he says can be different are the colors and the central logo. I wireframed some nice, unique variations, but he is adamant that I not change any of the things that I’ve mentioned. I’ve voiced my concerns about plagiarism to him countless times, but he won’t budge.

I am considering telling him to look elsewhere for a designer, but I thought I would first ask the community for advice. Am I being overly sensitive, or is his request going a bit too far? Please tell me what you think.

Thanks very much,