Afterburn BETA

Here is the link:

Plz Tell me what you like, dont like, and what i should change. And Dont Comment about how it isnt “colorful” i meant it to be a dark, greyish style.

  • Matt

ahah i guess my site is to good for all of you to leave any comments :stuck_out_tongue:

heh its pretty well made for a dark grey site, but it really could use some colour :stuck_out_tongue:

those floating grey boxes kind of bother me. would be nice if they integrated more with how things loaded and changed up a bit. like new ones or maybe new shapes and some different movements. a great place add just a touch of color would be in a highlight for the current section you’re on – same with a roll over. doesn’t have to be much, just change the color of the stroke from white to yellow or something


the rollover on the buttons??

ya like when i mouse over “services” the surrounding white stroke could wipe to a different color or maybe just the text. right now you just have a grey background showing up.

try now

it doesn’t have any transitions except an intro, no out animation… :frowning:

if you’re gonna get anyone to want your services you definitely need something in the portfolio. preferably something good.

also the picture in the portfolio appears clickable but isn’t