Ahhh, random loadmovies with nice transitions

Hi, I am sure this has been done ( but not by me ). I want to have a movie clip holder with randomly does loadMovie on some external swf files. The catch is… I want to fade the current image into the next one, as if the next image was already there behind it. I keep getting a ‘jumpy’ transition to the next loadedMovie. I have tried all sorts of stuff with levels, duplicateMovie, but I am sure there is an easier way (which actually works). PLEEEAASSE help, it is really annoying me.

One option is to simply change alpha. Use AS to bring the alpha of the loading movie down from 100 to 0 & do the reverse with the movie being loaded.
I hope this makes sense.

You can just add script similiar to this for the fading effect:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
_root.alpha -=2
this._alpha = _root.alpha

be sure & set the value for “alpha” = 100 on the 1st frame of the timeline. I’ve posted the fla at

Good luck

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leaving for a place far far away… ??? I didn’t understand that

Thanks guys, problem solved, woohooo. Looks nice and smooth and now I know about using ‘invisible controller movie clips’, as well as what ‘frameEnter’ really does.