Version 6.0! Early Release!

After putting in over 13 hours, this is what i managed to create. I designed the overall lay-out on several pieces of paper. At times i got a designers block, but this what i have came up with.

I tired new things in this design, and i hope you all like it.


It’s good Alex, but sadly It’s not the kind of proffesional look you can make. I believe that you can make something awesomely wicked, but your not using your skill where you should

Sorry, to critisize you for your hard work.

Personally I don’t really like that what so ever. Now like i’ve said before i’m not about bashing people to be mean but it’s just not looking good Alex…sorry.

-Data :sketchy:

*Originally posted by datapimp *
**Personally I don’t really like that what so ever. Now like i’ve said before i’m not about bashing people to be mean but it’s just not looking good Alex…sorry.

-Data :sketchy: **

thanks for the positive post.

it’s not really bad, it is when u compare it to ur awesome experiments, i believe that u really can make it look better

goodluck alex!:slight_smile:

Here are some pointers:[list]
[] On the splah page (why would you even need one?), I see three different fonts being used, and two fonts throughout the site. No coordination.
] Table cells have no padding, text is sticking out to the cell edges, very unprofessional.
[] You refer to yourself as “we” and “us”. Why?
] Your “Portfolio” should be renamed to “Experimental Work”. The work in that section isn’t the kind clients would look for in a portfolio. Some of the experiments are not great either.
[] There’s a HUGE space between the contents and the ‘copyright’ message.
] It says in “About”: Professional Web Design - Advanced. Well come on, honestly, who are you kidding?
[] What’s up with unclickable sub-menu’s?
] Did you beta-test your own website? The navigation disappears when you click on an interview.
[] Order of arrows in ‘Contact Information’ page’s navigation is messed up.
] Are you affiliated with,,, or are these just people you’re linking to?
Hope these tips will be of help when designing a newer version of your site (which, i must say, you really need to get going on!!)

Cheers! :tb:

Hmmm… now i think some of the people have bin abit harse!!!

but here are the thing i thought could be improved…

1.) i think that you should try and use some of your flashmx tips yourself because the movie in the topleft corner never loaded

2.) i would learn how to centralize the site. - not essential but definatly worth the trouble

3.) design some PS interface graphics. - they are not hard and dazzle you audience if done well…

4.) the splash: WHY!! You have made the Macromedia flash icon the main focal point of this page not nessessry, i didnt even see the ‘alex designs version 6.0’ text until i refreshed the link!!!

5.) and finally, dump the Times New Roman text nobody likes that text anyway…

i dont wanna sound mean but the best part of this site is the SHOP!!!


oh btw robo-techie is me, that’s uh, the account i use at school

not being harsh, just honest :slight_smile:

back to the drawing board…

thanks :-/

There is a big white space in the upper left corner of your site. I think you meant to put a banner there.

Personally, I think that your skill is not progressing, because you continue to use solid colors. You need to explore some graphics tools, like Photoshop, to add depth to your layout.

Hey Alex… If I recall correctly you are fairly young, right?
I never got to see your site (you pulled it offline) BUT…
I have some advice for you…
Here goes… You are (for the most part) in a professional design forum. Of course these people are gonna eat your lunch…
DO NOT let that discourage you. If you hang in there, and use these comments as fuel to create something better every time, then one day, you will be one of the best… I say put your site back up, get hammered, and keep tweaking!!
Good luck dude!