Www.AlexsDesigns.net V2

hey everyone, after 4 weeks of working on my site, This is what you all have been waiting for…

I have decited to start working on this to give me an idea on where i stand with MX, and my skills in it. I have done alot of things that i normally wouldnt think of doing. There is alot of tweens that help make the backgrounds look more interesting.

thats just about it…

dont go easy on me, give it all you have, i wont get depressed, it will only help me to get better.:tb:


(i couldnt wait to monday, so i worked my butt off and got it mostly finished.) :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Nice work alex :beam: You’re practically the same as me, only I’m 14 years old :beam: I like it, very good, the sliding content and stuff, the thumbnails added to the portfolio section … Very good :beam:

hahaha every time I look at your work, it makes me laugh for some reason. Sorry, I don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s just really funny.

I can tell that you’ve improved a lot and I’m impressed with your progress. Honestly though, I still think it needs more work and refinement, but you’re getting better.

You still have a problem with the way you design, it lacks the “clean” look. Overall your text are blurry and your images are pixelated like they’ve been stretched. Also try to keep your text consistent. I noticed different sizes in text which takes away from the clean look.

The first problem I noticed was that your site took awhile to load and I’m on a really fast connection too.

The sliding transition is a nice touch, that really caught my attention and I can tell you’ve worked hard on it.

Keep in mind that the little things count, you probably concentrated on effects and forgot about the little things.

So just be sure to check these things:

  • your text, make sure they’re not blurry.
  • your image quality, don’t stretch them.
  • check the alignment of your lines and boxes, some of them are off.

Nice change from your old site, Pretty cool :wink:
Few things i like to say

::you need some roll overs on your menu buttons.
:: that cloud animation at the home page is annoying
:: Type in about me section is cut off and there is no scoll.
:: Some of your images seem to be squashed.
:: Some typography is needed, need to clean up some of your type, needs to be clearer, seem to be a bit blured.

Other than that its alright. I like the way your site goes to section to section, pretty cool style. though with this happening it seems that your main movie is pretty large, i’ve got cable and it took a while to load your site up.

Keep going, your getting better and better :beam:

lol, i didnt notice you posted egeek !! grr :stuck_out_tongue: we said basically the same thing. :smirk:

this is the first time my site went live, im going to have to sit down here tomorrow and go through and see what i need and what i dont need. to try to cut down on the file size. Thanks for your comments. :slight_smile:

hey EG when ever you get mad, go to my site. haha:P

Nice site Alex !

I just whant to know you have more than 2 sound tracks right !

We do I need to download all the sound tracks to hear one !

Why not When I choos track.nr.2 then it will load it but it will show a preloader that will load tthe .swf movie that have the track. ! not download it with the main movie ! becouse your main movie have a low file size.

Center the Main .Swf you got front page 2003 Why not center it :slight_smile:

If you removie the red line under the movie that says “©Copyright 2003 Alex’s Designs. All rights are reserved.” if you removie it the movie will look better i think !

but its cool site !

Just a few points

As other people have mentioned, the images are pixelated, so you might want to get some new ones.

Why don’t you get some proper pixel fonts as well, as the others mentioned.

Other than that, I quite like it. Good work.:slight_smile:

[color=darkblue]Well, it took me a whole while to load too, and I’m on broadband (ADSL). But the overall look is nice. But maybe you can do as Blastboy said, and make the tracks load seperately (I did it that way on my site, with a little loading bar and all :beam: ) Anyway, nice site!

P.S.I’m 16 years old too :slight_smile: [/color]

its much better than the last version, but takes ages to load…

anyway change the brown color of the copyright on the first page it doesnt look really good. Why not make a gif with pixel fonts ? with a black/gray backgrnd…

Im afraid ill repeat EG and soulty with my other comments…

thanks guys, i am working on it right now, i had to leave, i stayed up to 2:30 working on it. im getting new fonts and i am working on getting the load speed down.

(lavaboy, did you send the music thing yet :slight_smile: )

hey man, just a question… were you “inspired” to have that background pic? hehe.
Looks pretty good… just stay away from that times new roman (or similar) font. Get a nicer font.

I’ll send it in a bit

i change the font to something that i found. i though it looks nice, but i dont have a designers eye. i will change it when i get back.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

haha, based on the picture I guess you want the send message to cell thingie as well?

hey, I masked the advert link… I think… um, yeah.

It’s here

for some reason it doesnt work when i import it.

alex, looks so much better than your last site. I like the transitions… again, the load time sucked.
I like the idea with the waterfall… but theres some problems… they don’t really… flow… like they should. Like they randomly change speeds and stuff. and They just stop when they get to the bottom. Other than that, I like it

thanks. right now im working on trying to cut down on the loading process. i dont know why it goes slow.

Alex get the size down furst get the music off so you kan view it better without waiting to download music !

add the music in the end !

just make an empty movie clip, and then do:


I think your old one had less space, but it was easier to view. The new one is good, especially with the sliding transitions, but it it is sometimes confusing to read the text because it’s not really laid out good.

imo, your old site was better in some ways, and you could have just added on to that one. not trying to be hatefull.:slight_smile:

but your learning fast. 2 full flash sites by age 16 is really good.:slight_smile:
hope to see more.:slight_smile: