All nighter

i have a pot of coffee brewing it looks like a all nighter:beam:

i am hooked on the computer.

cool, I have somebody to pick on, I’ve had a few drinks so don’t mind me. hah

you insomniacs you :love: :love:

Wow this is solid spam.

dammit mak, ypu pm me and now your mailbox is full and im drunk so it’hs confusing me.

how can my mailbox be full…i have 0 messages…oh wait i have 1…

edit: this is so f’ed…i got 5 emails saying inbox is full but i have only 1 pm in inbox…

That happened to lost too.

heh …I already got used to spam :stuck_out_tongue:

hey this footer suckz right?

dont really like the colors a ton, but i dunno how you did that script. good work on the as

all nighter. woo. C:-)

yeah syko…thats what i am trying to do with my site (with out the timed fade out) what did you use for the fading?

Syko - I LOVE your sig man… it’s awesome!

What I want to know is how did you get the great colours and shading… is that all in flash?? If so - please let me know how you did it!

sureshot it is from a tut that i showed him at or something. but it looks great eiter way@

The graphix are made in Photoshop! But all the texts are made in flash! :stuck_out_tongue:
The metal-like thing is called smooth metal I believe and the blue center is an LCD ORB! (well actually LCD Orb is a circle but it’s done the same way) :slight_smile:
I was just bored so I figured anew footer won’t hurt anyone so… I made something!

lol i can even draw a stright line in photo shop. how did u make that?

thats what I figured - it looks fantastic!

alex, hold down the SHIFT key when using something to make it a straight line.

ok thanks i thought i was going crazy when i couldnt make any thing stright.

lol np.
i think is the site…best PS tuts in the world!

yeah check the tutorial for smoth metal in photoshop!