Also, can flash make movies anywhere good as shockwave can

I realized that I wanted to make movies, not all movies, but movies, so I downloaded the demo of Shockwave Director 8.5 and ofcourse I didn’t know how to use it, su I deleted it. Except that I was I really want to do.

Director and Premere as well, both have their uses. I belive that Director is more intuative than flash for movie manufacturing, but there are a couple of things in flashes favor.

A) flash is vector based, and comes with it’s own set of tools. If you’re looking to create animations on the web I don’t believe that there is an equivilent program to flash.

B) flash is designed, not to make movies, but to make interactivity with a the viewer possible. It’s design is very similar to Director, but it’s action scripting language is far superior to Director’s “lingo”.

If you’re looking to make movies out of video clips, I suggest looking into adobe’s Premere.

Also, Flash is a little easier for people to get a hang of than director. Director offers a better game development environment and is more accurate if you like to design in a frame by frame basis. Flash should be more than enough for 90% of all the Flashers out there.