Am I freaking out?

So I’m sitting here… trying to get my php script working… listening to music and my room door is just positioned so I can see the the light that comes from the other room’s window on my room door! And I can see shadows moving on the door! SO I checked the other room… nothing! Even the curtains aren’t moving! Nothing! No movement here… no movement outside that could create such shadows!
BTW I am home alone!
wtf? I must be going nuts! And when I went to the other room then I saw no shadows moving on my door! I’m really freaking out here!

P.S. I don’t believe in ghosts!

I think u are listening to to much sad music or opra.

listen to rap it makes u better and works when desiging a site lol :wink:

I was listening to Will Smith - Men in black! I do not think that’s sad!

Phreakeh ! Are you sure it ain’t your cat or something ? Sometimes you think you see things but they are not there, you just think that because your eyes move to fast to that direction. And you think the corners of your eyes are shadows or so. But think of it: there can’t be a shadow without something causing it. If you are confident that there was a shadow, there is/was something in that room.

Oh, and may I remind you of your nickname ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a cat! There are no living organisms in here but me! (big enought to cause such shadows!) There was nothing causing it! There room was quiet… still… no movements!
If I looked directly at it I still saw movement so …couldn’t be the corbers of my eyes or anything!

The nickname… it must be getting to me!


Nah, I listen to rock so loud that I can’t tell whats going on around me, and that prevents me from freaking out at things like that.

Maybe it was mouse !?!

you know like the a cartoon when thay see a shadow of a monster and then it’s just a mouse


lol! It’s evening here so there wasn’t a lot of light! … not enough to make a mouse a monster! And btw how the heck did the mouse get so high so the light from the windows would make a shadow out of him?

it was walking in the windowsill !?!

but hé if you wound like to be nuts…well fine :}

if it had been walking on the window it would’ve createsuch BIG and vlurry shadows that I wouldn’t have seen anything! And besides It must be a quicke mouse to get out of sight right when I come into the room!
I didn’t even know mice could do that!

It could be cars driving by outside casting just enough of a reflection to make you THINK you’re seeing shaddows of something. Could have been some birds flying by casting shaddows.

Just some ideas

there are too many superstition/ghost/visions threads around these days…


syko is psycho. . . . .

lol this is great! That must be it jaz!
badmagic: I live on the 3rd floor so I ahve to get real close to the window to see cars :P!
i think dan is right! It was just me!

could it be the curtains (if you have any)?


…see shadows moving on the door! SO I checked the other room… nothing! Even the curtains aren’t moving! Nothing…

it might have been a fast moving cloud…

hehe sorry, didn’t read all of it.

Hey, nothing to worry man. It happens, well we work wid graphics, 3d, see all kind of artwork and it happens to me aswell and then i kno it’s time for a break and seriosly i take a break from any animating thing(except of my gf:P) yea but i dont carry my cellfones, my laptop, not even my casio tv remote control watch hahaha and go to my farm for couple of days, chill big time, no tv, just yoga, pool, snooker, swiming or adventure sports and when i come back it feels great and to avoid all this i exercise daily, i dont kno about other professionals but for I.T professionals it is must to exercise and meditate (yoga and stuff)
=) i hope it helps all of u.